Lollapalooza x Cupcake Vineyards

Chicago, Illinois | August 1-4, 2019

WE FINALLY WENT TO A MUSIC FESTIVAL!  I’ve got to admit, we’ve been hoping to do a music festival event ever since we started this crazy journey.  It just seemed like such a perfect fit for our technology.  And our first venture into festivals was a big one…LOLLAPALOOZA.  Always stacked with amazing artists, this Chicago fest brings hundreds of thousands of attendees every year.  We are so thankful to Cupcake Vineyards for bringing us along and letting us help with their amazing activation.  This wasn’t just your normal event, we had a custom-designed and built 90 Booth to create an exciting, shareable way for festival goers to show off their delicious frozen drinks.  They were even able to print their faces ON TOP OF THEIR DRINK!  These events always bring the coolest tech, which is why we were so excited to be there.  It was a crazy weekend and we even got to see a couple of our favorite artists perform.  Shout out to Childish Gambino for putting on a hell of a show.  Now that we’ve got a taste, we want more.  Activating at a music festival and need some awesome, must-see, socially shareable content?  HIRE US!  We may even give you a nice discount if there’s an artist we really want to see 😉