Matrix Destination

Orlando, Florida | January 28, 2018

Our first event of 2018 was with Matrix…perfect combination, right?  Well, instead of a room filled with Keanu Reeves and deadly robots, we got to party it up with hairdressers from all around the country.  Confetti was the prop of the night and everyone loved making it rain in sunny Florida.  Matrix wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to try out the booth, so we brought our TWO 180 Booths to bring some time stopping fun to the conventions launch party!

Our first event in Utah came courtesy of Zija International.  Zija celebrated their 10th Anniversary Summit in style at the Salt Palace Convention Center.  We were there with our 360 Booth to give all their partners and distributors a unique experience throughout the conference.  They made it rain in our booth, and it was inspiring to see everyone so passionate about what they do!